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Since the opening of Citadel High in September 2007, Gaelic has been a part of our school culture.  With help from the Department of Education, Citadel pledged to promote Gaelic culture, language, tradition and history. An Dłn (the fort/Citadel) was born after a group of interested students and teachers began meeting weekly to explore different aspects of the language and culture.  From that came the Gaelic  10, Gaelic 11, Gaelic 12  and Gaelic Studies 11 courses being offered here at Citadel High. This site is for anyone interested in the language and culture, and here you will find links and updates on all things Gaelic happening at Citadel High and in HRM!


Citadel High Gaelic has also been in  partnership with Inglis Street Elementary since 2012.  Gaelic teacher Beth Anne MacEachen teaches Gaelic to grades primary to six, and also runs a successful lunchtime Gaelic class weekly.  Citadel High Gaelic also provides curriculum support to any school in HRM looking to infuse Gaelic language and/or culture into their curriculum.